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    Seite 2: Good Cop Bad Cop - Englisch
    Seite1: Good Cop Bad Cop - Deutsch
    Seite2: Good Cop Bad Cop - Englisch led the last days an interview with the developers of Revolution Software . This interview is available in english and german.

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    1. How long have you been working on Good Cop Bad Cop?

    Tony Warriner: Since late 2000

    2. Why do you develop an action-adventure? Baphomets Fluch was an adventure.

    Tony Warriner: Really I guess its because a number of us here are fans of action adventures are we thought we'd like to branch out a little and try some ideas that we've been having. Most games consist of little bits from other genre's anyway, so I don't think its as much of a departure for us as it might at first appear.

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    3. Which 3D-Engine is used?

    Tony Warriner: An all new in-house engine

    4. Will there be one big or several small levels in the game?

    Tony Warriner: There will be several scenarios in the game - a number of missions set in different environments.

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    5. What elements will the story include?

    Tony Warriner: We cant really talk about the story in any detail yet!

    6. I´ve heard that Good Cop Bad Cop could become a competitor to Max Payne.

    Tony Warriner: You might think that from the early screen shots I guess, but its really a very different game.

    7. Are there any elements from Bapgomets Fluch in Good Cop Bad Cop?

    Tony Warriner: Only in a very broad sense. I think it'll be obvious that the story is a Revolution story but other than that Good Cop Bad Cop is it's own game.

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    8. Is the play with the mouse or with the keyboard controlled?

    Tony Warriner: It's a PS2 game, so with the controller!

    9. What has to do the player in Good Cop Bad Cop?

    Tony Warriner: Broadly, you have to follow the story and figure out whats really going on. I cant talk in detail without spoiling the story of course.

    10. Have Good Cop Bad Cop a Multiplayer-Mode?
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    Tony Warriner: No.

    11. With which games Good Cop Bad Cop is most comparable?

    Tony Warriner: I really don't like making these comparisons - they can only devalue our game which is meant to be pretty unique.

    12. Have you got another project's?

    Tony Warriner: Yes, Broken Sword - the Sleeping Dragon.

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    13. How long we must wait until Good Cop Bad Cop release?

    Tony Warriner: It will be late 2002 / early 2003 all being well.

    Here I would like to thank you Revolution Software and Tony Warriner for the interview.

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