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Zum kommenden Action-Survival-Game Alone in the Dark möchten wir Ihnen heute ein englischsprachiges Q & A mit Fragen an Nour Polloni präsentieren. Nour Polloni ist die Produzentin des Spiels. Alone in the Dark erscheint am 20. Juni für PC, PS2, Xbox360 und Nintendo Wii.

Hier nun einige Fragen, die User gestellt haben und von Nour Polloni (von
Eden Software) beantwortet wurden:

Jackpot890: "Does the initial release have an entirely self-contained storyline or will
it end on a cliffhanger and be continued in future downloadable episodes?"
Nour Polloni: Good question! If we told you the answer to that we’d be giving too
much away. For downloadable episodes, we haven’t actually made a decision on that
yet, but it is something we’re looking at closely. A lot of it will depend on how
successful the game is when it’s released. Of course we hope it’s very successful 

"What will happen when we finish the game, will we unlock other game modes
(such as Resident Evil Series) or just be able to play it with another character (such
as AITD4)?"
Nour Polloni: There’s no unlockable game modes and the game’s only playable as
Carnby. There is a pretty big surprise waiting at the end of the story however. 

"Hello, I’m wondering if you can tell me more about the music of the
game.The Bulgarian traditional music is really deep and for me it perfectly fits the
atmosphere of the game. So I like to know how did you got the idea to include
Bulgarian traditional music and also what are the people behind the soundtrack?"
Nour Polloni: The music is by a composer called Olivier Deriviere who did the music
for Obscure. He’s an incredibly talented composer and he came up with the idea of
using the Grammy award winning Mystery of Bulgarian Voices choir. They’re actually
singing about what’s happening to New York, the park and Carnby, and I’ve seen
translations of some of the trailer music from Bulgarian fans on comments threads
which is really cool. He recorded the choir in Sofia, Bulgaria which was an amazing
experience, not least of all because they nod their head to mean no and shake to
mean yes, so he thought they hated everything he was doing for the first day!

Jackpot890: "How do NPCs fit into the game? Do they act as AI teammates or hand
out "side-quests" or what exactly?"
Nour Polloni: There’s one character called Sarah who’s with Carnby for a lot of the
game and has a big role to play in the story. She doesn’t fight alongside Carnby as
such though – the rough stuff is left up to him. Another character central to the story is
Theo and he’ll be guiding you during the early stages of the game, explaining parts of
what’s going on and what you need to do. Then there’s Crowley who’s definitely not
on your team, but who as your human nemesis provides a lot of clues which help you
on your way.

Jackpot890: "Do you use a save checkpoint system or save at an ingame object like
a typewriter or what exactly?"
Nour Polloni: You save using a checkpoint system, which we’re tuning at the
moment. You can save at any time in the game, and the save will be at the last
checkpoint made. 

Jackpot890: "How open is the world in terms of free-roaming? Can we explore most
of Central Park from the get-go or do sections get unlocked in a linear fashion?"
Nour Polloni: The first two episodes actually take place outside of the park, and you
only end up there at the end of the second. Then as you follow the path of the game
the park gradually opens up logically so that well before the end of the game pretty
much the whole park is open to explore.

Understudy: "How has the increased realism of the game mechanics affected the
gameplay design?"
Nour Polloni: In fact it’s the other way round; the gameplay design is based on
having realistic game mechanics. We specifically wanted a level of interaction and
real world physics that hadn’t been done before and which is instinctive, so what we
aimed for was that every object would respond and behave just like it does in the real
world. With the ability to combine objects we ended up with some really exciting
gameplay possibilities leading to emergent gameplay, that’s to say you could well
think of doing something that even we haven’t thought of. As you can imagine this
makes it pretty tricky to test and balance, but that’s the target we have in our sights. 

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Alone in the Dark

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