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Die Macher von Black Mirror und Nibiru arbeiten derzeit mit Hochdruck an der Fertigstellung des Adventures Reprobates – Insel der Verdammten. Adventure-Spezialist dtp hat sich diesen Top-Titel gesichert und veröffentlicht diesen im 2. Quartal 2006. Wir von haben ein Interview mit Future Games geführt, den Entwicklern von Reprobates. Wer mehr über das Adventure-Meisterwerk erfahren möchte, sollte sich das folgende Interview auf keinen Fall entgehen lassen.

Can you introduce yourself and tell us what’s your job at Future Games?

My name is Josef „Dodo“ Nemet and I’m the screenwriter at Future Games and in this case also the person who is answering your questions.
Why did you choose Reprobates as your next game?
Before we started with the development, we considered using several different stories and we really liked the story of Reprobates since the very beginning. The idea is untraditional and original.
What first inspired you to start with the project Reprobates?
We can say that everyday life of us all was the main inspiration. You can see the speed of our time. We are facing imminent stress and pressure and we do not recognize how life is passing by. Only when something serious happens and our life changes in one sudden moment we understand what we had and what we may have lost forever.
What differentiates Reprobates from Black Mirror and Nibiru?
 It is above all the new approach towards storytelling. Different parts of our previous titles were basically homogenous. The player had several tasks around him that he needed to solve and work out to progress through the game. Even though there is nothing wrong about this scheme, we wanted to offer a different one in Reprobates than the players was used to from the older games. We focused above all on really differentiating the individual chapters. Some parts are quite relaxing and the player just runs through them during few minutes. But suddenly, there will be many problems and tasks around him that he will need to face.

Concerning the inner world of the main character, on the other hand, we did want to mirror the way the main hero was portrayed in Black Mirror. But we went even further down this path and dedicated the same attention to the inner world of other characters as well.
Can you tell me more about the story in Reprobates and the kind of tasks players can expect?
Unfortunately I cannot reveal a lot about the story. The twists and surprises of the Reprobates story are a very important part of the game and we don’t want to give away too much. I can only tell you this much:
Reprobates’ protagonist is a 23-year-old technician named Adam Raichl, who gets into a car crash that should have killed him. Instead, he wakes up on a mysterious island where he meets other people from different decades who have experienced a similar fate. Now it’s up to him to find out what has lead him there…
Is the PC-game a typical Click&Point-Adventure, where the player must solve puzzles?
It is typical in terms of having the click & point controls, but the puzzles are not all traditional adventure. We are trying for innovative methods in Reprobates, especially in our approach to puzzles. I’m sorry that I cannot reveal much more at the moment though.
Is there anything you can tell us about other current adventure projects at Future Games?
As you might know there is one more game which we are currently working on. It’s a fantasy fairy tale called “Tale of Hero”. Its an adventure game from the “good, old times”, which has everything that belongs to the genre. We met a few journalists during this year’s GC in Leipzig and all of them were instantly attracted to “Tale of Hero”. So we hope that it’s something that players will also appreciate.
Nibiru contained few puzzles and the length of the game was too short. How long will it take to play through Reprobates?
You are right about the length of the game, when you look at it from the hardcore adventure player point of view. On the other hand, we received a lot of feedback from more casual gamers, who really appreciated the game and its difficulty. You unfortunately cannot make a game that will be perfect for everybody.
In case of Reprobates, our goal is to be somewhere in between Nibiru and Black Mirror, in terms of length.
Are the puzzles logically connected with the story?
Rather then being directly related to the story, they are connected with the situation where they occur. Adam for example gets stuck in a burning car and he has to find a solution and the way out of the car by combining action and logics in an action interlude.

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