Outcast Reboot HD – Kickstarter-Kampagne gescheitert


Fresh3D konnte über Kickstarter.com auch nach 30 Tagen nicht den Betrag von 600,000 Dollar erreichen. Demnach bekommt der Projekteigner auch kein Geld für das Projekt Open Outcast HD. An der Kickstarter-Kampagne nahmen 5,194 Kickstarter-Besucher ("Backer") teil. Leider kamen dadurch nur 268,964 Dollar zusammen. Laut Entwickler sei dies aufgrund zahlreicher Fehler vor und während der Kampagnen zurückzuführe:

This was our first KS campaign and we did a number of mistakes. Before launching the campaign, we knew that we were lacking content and the goal was high but we did not take the measure of their impact on the failure of the project.

We should have set a lower initial goal from the beginning, include more platforms, provide more attractive and more professional videos, lower the next-gen console stretch goal, post more updates with more attractive content, properly plan these updates in advance to free our time for promoting the campaign. We should have better explain the key features of the game and the high quality values of this remake compared to the original, do not mix old gen gameplay with new gen rendering, and ultimately, we should have shown a gameplay demo with the new characters or at least a representative trailer. Unfortunately we didn't have enough assets to produce a trailer due to tight financing and we expected this funding to really "kickstart" the project.

I think we made a wrong assumption from the start, thinking that the original game could be our “draft prototype” and let people imagine how good the game could be just by showing the first glimpse of the environment in HD and a list of improvements, while asking folks to trust us based on the experience of the team. Part of that, is of course due to a lack of upfront financing which also forced us to rush the campaign. I really hope that we’ll be able to sort this point for the next step.

Wie es mit Oufcast Reboot HD geht, ist unklar. Immerhin denkt man über weitere Kampagnen nach, bei denen auch mit PayPal gezahlt werden kann.

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